The Natural Dog Conference 2015

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Well after a dark 5am journey to Birmingham and a even darker journey home in the rain I was thankful for my co-pilot Anna Low and her trusty sat-nav. The dark journey certainly was worth it for the bright lights that greeted us in the shape of the most fantastic speakers over the two days. All were awe inspiring, and led us all wanting more.

Dr Isla Fishburn, Dr Sue Armstrong, Caroline Griffith, Rodney Habib, Dr Jean Dodds,Caroline Ingraham, Dr Nick Thompson and Dr Karen Becker we salute you and look forward to a brighter future for pets, things are a changing for the better.

Caroline Griffith & Dean Barrow did a sterling job of organising and hope after a rest and re-group get cracking on the next one. (No pressure!) Big round of applause for them all.

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