A very Happy Christmas to each & every one of you!

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2015 has been a busy year for us and 2016 looks to be even busier!

This year has seen lots of learning and further opportunities to bolster our skills , build on our past experiences & make new ones. Both myself & Katie are big on lots of research, we may change our thought process every few months as we evolve, learn more and grow organically.

Katie went on a Herbal workshop, a Zoopharmacognosy workshop at Bentley Holistic Dogs with the fabulous Rachel Windsor- Knott who runs ‘My Animal Matters’. It’s amazing watching animals self selecting and how it can change or help illness and/or behaviour. Looking forward to learning more.

Whist adding to my nutritional qualification I attended a workshop on hyperthyroidism & raw feeding with Dr Nick Thompson, talks on Epilepsy, home cooking for canines as well as reading books, lots of books. (We LOVE books!)
The first British Natural Dog Conference was also another learning opportunity and a great one at that, a whole weekend full of talks from brilliant minds which I could happily talk about until the next one rolls around. Talks by Dr Isla Fishburn, Caroline Griffith, Dr Sue Armstrong, Rodney Habib, Dr Jean Dodds, Caroline Ingraham, Dr Nick Thompson and Dr Karen Becker blew everyone away over two days. The conference was superbly organised by Caroline Griffith and Dean Barrow and we eagerly await the next one.

The world of dog health is a changing for the better I feel, it’s all very exciting. I long for the day when extruded food is no longer, the pet food market is changing with more cold pressed foods on the market, lots more raw food companies and information for all to read so you can make informed choices. Hoping it won’t be long before over vaccination is a thing of the past as owners research and question much more than ever before.

We must thank all of you who bought Tucker’s kisses and helped raise money for charity. This year you helped make a difference to.. Hearing dogs for the deaf, Medical Detection Dogs, Diabetes Support group, Animals in Syria.
The broken Biscuits club has been our latest rescue to help so that Bertie the paralysed dog got his drag bag and wheels. The photo above was taken by Gill Kelly who kindly gave us permission to use it. Gill’s photo was the winner of a competition held by the group ‘Poodle Doodle Do’ who also raised money for Bertie and made up the difference for his wheels which he will be getting pretty soon. Big pat on the back to all who took part and contributed in making his life more ‘WOOHOOO’ we will post pictures of him do doubt flying around as soon as we get them.

2016 promises to be quite an adventure, there will be new kids on the block at some point in the form of products, especially researched & made with you all in mind from the things you ask us for. You will have to be patient as we will not reveal until things are just right.
Mr Slobberchops will be out on the road quite a bit so do look out for us and please come and say ‘Hello’

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Thanking you muchly for sharing the journey with us to all things fangtastical and bone broth raised for a healthy, wholesome, and joy filled 2016.

With much love,
Tami, Katie, Miss Cooper, Miss Tuula and Master Tucker


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