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Spring is a great time to have a cleanse for us all. Dogs that can naturally forage can tend to eat much more couch grass, cleavers, dandelion during spring, my two seem to resemble cows it seems when left to self select at this time!
Feeding vegetables in season is also perfectly natural for us all, locally grown organic veg can be found nearly everywhere if you look around or have a go at growing it yourself. Spring greens are jam packed with vitamin C for the immune system and K for strong bones, Watercress is also a powerful immune bolster and full of chlorophyll as well as calcium, iron, vitamins B&C and lovely Beta Carotene. Spinach, lettuce and kale and many others coming in as spring arrives. Cooked and added to the dogs diet can be quite a powerful health kick and who doesn’t like a health kick I ask?

Herbs o’clock..
We are feeling very blessed to have found Caroline Hearn at Holistic Hounds to bring us her beautiful well thought out Organic herbal blends. Veterinarian approved mixes that are seriously good for the soul & can also be used in our smoothies and juices.

The Natures Tonic blend includes Spring Nettle, Cleavers, Hawthorn, Parsley, Milk Thistle, Marshmallow, Dandelion root and is going great guns with my yeasty girl, as did the winter blend. The herbs in this blend are fantastic for a spring cleanse but can be used as a general tonic anytime of the year as needed, for dogs recovering from illness or operations, a powerful general topper upper tonic.

Joining the Slobberchops shop will also be the ‘Tranquil blend’ calming on the system in general, on the temperament and soothing on the tum. A lovely ‘Senior’ blend & an ‘Anti bug/Summer’ blend so keep those eyes peeled as I think Caroline may well have a few more tricks up her sleeves!

Spring lamb Slobberslurpers. (Please adapt this to either raw or cooked)
Approx 430g Lamb mince
2 tablespoons herb blend Natures Tonic herb blend
1 tablespoons coconut oil.
1 cup cooked seasonal veg blended.
Mix all together and either serve raw or cook lightly for 20 mins.
Serve to slobbering hounds!

Happy Spring wishes everyone, remember to feed fresh and seasonal if at all possible, it will make a difference to health giving the body what it needs seasonally. If the immune system is strong there is less chance of those jumping, sucking critters sticking around, more about those blighters soon….
Photo by kind permission of Sally Blayney of the lovely Frank


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