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  • Mr Slobberchops is the most fantastic site to buy natural and Holistic products for Humans and pets. I have been using there products now for about 12 months for my two pugs and find the products they sell top quality, no nasties all natural ! Tami whos the owner of Mr Slobberchops has a wealth of Knowledge and goes the full mile to help out any way she can, i know that first hand as she has helped my male pug get back to some normality after having lots of surgeries last year and then was very ill just before xmas, if it hadn't been for Tami and some of her products my boy would have been on the vets roller coaster. Delivery is fast usually 2 days, never had to wait for anything, very prompt service. Will get all my natural health products from here for the foreseeable future for my pugs

    Wendy Constantine July 2016
  • Without Mr Slobberchops I don't think my dog would still be here! He is a very diffcult dog to treat with multiple, multiple allergies and reactions. He has an extremely limited diet and an ongoing immune issue. I have had some exceptional help from Tami, who is a canine nutritionist. She succeeded where everything else failed with a holistic route and drastic diet change. My dog went from being on over 8 medications to 1 over the course of about 6 weeks. His coat returned to its former glory and we have a great baseline to move forward. Tami is a font of knowledge and I cannot express our gratitude enough. She even came to visit the imperfect patient! I cannot recommend her enough

    Victoria Barrett August 2016
  • Well, I actually cant believe it! NO TICKS AT ALL ON EITHER DOG!!!! This has never happened before - never. They were in the field for a good hour while I chopped and cleared, so they were in all the undergrowth - and they really go for it, hunting rabbits etc. At West Bay (first two days of wearing the collars - well they shared for a day or two, but then I left the one I had off until the other arrived, so the first time they were both wearing them continuously), we found a lot of half-engorged ticks on the floor of the static caravan and decking, so I wonder if all the scratching - which has tailed off a lot now - was due to the ticks getting ticked off (pun intended) and moving around to find a better site, and the others dropped off before they were fully engorged because they didn't like the environment, or the dogs scratched them off? Anyway, I don't really care! If this continues to work I shall be so VERY happy! I think it will, so a huge thank you

    Lesley Harris
  • Update.. by time i took bobby to vet wednesday but the irritation had nearly gone after following tami advice vet said to continue with same treatment, so thankyou so much he nearly clear unsure what caused it buy he doing the dash this morning after a good night sleep so i know he on the mend so glad i was able to avoid drugs going into him, vet was impressed with your information , you guys will def be my first point of call in future and although it wouldnt matter what it cost to have hum healthy you saved me some cash xxx
  • slippery elm doing wonders for sparky's cough. He had some this morning and he slept well cough only just kicked back in so given him a little more now gives him chance to sleep and get well. Thank you very much Katie and Tami
    Sharon Ley
  • Stuff arrived from Mr Slobberchops! Smells AMAZING, even my postie commented on it! Thank you ladies and the stinkers say thanks for the biscuits.

    Janine Franssen
  • I love Mr Slobberchops and his products they are very good and I mean very good. Since buying from Mr Slobberchops my Sparky had a cut with coconut oil his cut had cleared up in few days I also used some Colodail Silver just couple sprays. Then Sparky caught kennel cough and with the help of Mr Slobberchops products and some honey Sparky is almost back to himself. I am very impressed as kennel cough can be nasty and does not sound good and can't feel good to my dog. I hate seeing him that way and thanks to Mr Slobberchops he is pain free cough free and peacefully sleeping. So THanks Mr S And Katie and Tami you answered all my questions and asking for advice got me on the track to becoming all natural product user for Sparky and well for me to as I'm learning from the ladies I can use all what I buy for Sparky too. Thanks again ladies I will be customer for life for sure.

    Sharon Ley
  • I would just like to update you all on Keo who was diagnosed in October after having a tumour removed with cancer. My own vet in Cyprus said he won't last long as his lungs were very bad and filling up with fluid as well as saying the tumour will be back. I was at that time thinking I can't let him suffer until a couple of very good friends on here (namely Tami Mcfadden and Katie Bristow) made suggestions and one of those was the natural cancer treatment CV247, also on lots of supplements and vitamins until I could get something sorted as I am in Cyprus. So with Colloidal Silver, Bone Broth, MSM, Slippery Elm, Vitamin C, Krill Oil, Vitamin E, Kefir - well the list goes on and the help of Nick Thomson, holistic vet in UK for being patient with me asking lots of questions (and never charging me either) and then prescribing CV247 for Keo I would not give up hope but always there if things got bad for him the inevitable. Well two days ago I can honestly say he is no longer wheezing. Last year he had two massive doses of antibiotics for chest infections which did nothing at all even on the raw diet with some of my own probiotics to boost his system but he is now clear and oh I am so tempted to go to the vet who said he will not last long as he told me in a few weeks you will be back to do the right thing as he knows I won't let a dog suffer. He has gained back the weight he lost whilst ill (2kg of his 8kg weight), is playing, eating, sleeping and living a normal life and in fact looks better and is acting better than he did for all of last year. I would also like to thank lots of people in the Raw and Holistic group for their help too as I feel he is over the worst now and is going on to a ripe old age. One happy mummy.
  • Mr Slobberchops have some fantastic natural health products but they are also a wealth of knowledge and so helpful with choosing the right product for your dog.

  • I showed a good doggy owning friend my Mr Slobberchops delivery today. She was very impressed with the products but took one look at the pack of biscuits beautifully packed with a thank you label and list of very healthy ingredients and she said ' I will be in touch with a company that cares that much' Says it all.
    Sue Hunt
  • I am so grateful to you for your support and advice during the last couple of weeks, finding out Betsy has chronic pancreatitis was devastating. The vets provided very little support so your help and products have been invaluable. Slippery elm, colloidal silver, and pet plus are permanent fixtures in my ever growing health cabinet! Thank you!

  • Had dealings with this company recently.... FANTASTIC.... let's just say their integrity on every level shines through and would say to anyone if you are looking for a holistic company for your dogs then please take a look.... in fact I turned to them for advice and they did not do any sales pitch, they gave advise .... its not often you come across a company that has such morals and values as they do. x

    Shelley Nicholls