Slobberchops First Aid Essentials

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Products not to be caught without. These multi taskers are invaluable, all are human grade for pets & their people & all have been used by our family when needed.

Foragers DigestFor upset tums and coughs

Colloidal Silver for illness in general, an eye wash, cuts and scrapes. I always have some handy (Especially since I have a tree climbing boy!)

Balm for sore or chapped lips, cracked pads or as a protective barrier until you get home.

Green clay as a wound powder to keep flies at bay and soothe wounds. Great face mask!

Medical grade Manuka Honey to be applied on wounds to help in healing and for protection.

Product Description

These powerhouses are an absolute essential addition in out first aid kit, if we are out in the New Forest or on holiday they always get packed.

Buying them as a bundle is cheaper than buying them all separately.

70g Foragers Digest

A carefully blended mix of those herbs especially catered for soothing properties. Can be used in a dog’s food or as a tea forhumans as well as dogs.
Foragers is ideal for those moving onto different diets and foods, easing the transition gently.
Calming digestive upsets
Wind & Bloating
Diarrhoea & Constipation
Soothing for coughs & bronchial conditions


Colloidal Silver 100ml Spray

Natures own antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti viral and microbial . It can be used directly onto the skin/ open wounds and even used for eye infections. Can also be added to the diet to aid the immune system and balance the body from the inside.

Slobbersoothe Green Clay 100g

Clay has a variety of uses. As a poultice it is used to absorb toxins and poisonous substances and to protect and encourage the healing of wounds. Great at helping open wounds scab over that are difficult to bandage. It is especially useful for cats. A natural insect repellent often found in natural flea powders keeps flies away from open wounds. Great for treating ear infections, just sprinkle around the opening to the ear .and massage, no need to put directly into the ear canal. When used as a poultice (needs to stay wet, if it dries out soak off never pull off dry) and kept in place with a bandage or used dry and sprinkled onto open wounds in hard to bandage areas.
Also great as a face mask for us human souls, give it a try. Especially good on any spots, leave on overnight and see the difference come morning.

Medical grade Manuka Honey tube 25g

Use on wounds & bandage to help keep debris and flies out until treatment can be found.

Adore The Paw healing balm

The clever Caroline at Holistic Hounds has been busy making these little gems… Adore The Paw healing balm.

Ideal for dry cracked paws, hard skin,crusty elbows and general scrapes, sore areas and grazes.

Ingredients: Calendula, Yarrow, Chamomile, Manuka Essential Oil, Organic Beeswax, Sweet Almond oil & Shea butter.


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