Four Seasons Intestinal Cleanser (50ml)


A unique herbal and homeopathic tincture to be given at least one day each month. The ingredients create gentle changes in the gut, similar to natural foraging which is no longer available to our pets for their own intestinal cleansing.

Ingredients: Organic cider vinegar
Herbal content: Hibiscus, thyme, ginger root, cloves, natural salts, organic bitter apple.


Product Description

Used for cats, dogs & rabbits Four Seasons is a cost effective way of looking after parasites without harming the gut flora. and may also be used with puppies, kittens, Rabbits and pregnant four legged mothers.
A wormcount can be performed to check the worm burden as normal.

Homeopathic content: Filix-mas 12x, Cina 12x, Ferrum-met 12x, Sulphur 30, Abrotanium 12x, Teucrium-mar 12x

Additional Information

Weight12 g