Chaga Mushroom


Share this wonderful medicinal mushroom with your dog! Chaga is used as an immune modulator, boosting it when needed or slowing it down if it is misbehaving so can be used with allergies, & immune issues.




Chaga is known as an extremely powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory, anti viral, studies have been done and are ongoing on it’s anti cancer properties and on bowel disorders and many more.

Brew  into a tea, add to biscuit recipes or bone broth. Chaga tea has a delicious, delicate flavour reminiscent of coffee with soft caramel and vanilla notes.

Hot water extraction is one of the most effective ways of unlocking the bio-availability of the chaga’s nutrients. Gradually heat in a pan of water. Bring the brew to near-boiling point to help break down the chaga’s tough chitin cell walls and release the beneficial phyto-chemicals, then let it steep in the hot water anywhere from an hour to several hours, depending on how strong you want the tea, also lovely if you add ginger as it brews and sweeten with honey as needed. (The water will turn a deep brown colour, then drink). Do not actually boil the tea for any prolonged period as this will eventually destroy the beta glucans. As chaga is densely packed with beneficial compounds, the nuggets can be re-brewed several times.

(Care should be used with Diabetics, it can affect anticoagulants & immune suppressants making them less effective. Please check if on any medication for any condition first)

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