Canident – Healthier teeth for dogs & cats



The ingredients of this product reduce tartar build up in your pet, or your money back. Canident is a natural, organic, seaweed blend which, when sprinkled on the food morning and night, will work systemically through your dog’s saliva, killing bacteria, freshening breath in days, and loosening tartar in 5-8wks.  Over time the simple action of chewing on his toys or eating his dinner will be enough to remove the tartar from this teeth, or better still to be easily removed by the simple chewing of a nice, fresh bone, which is a dog’s natural toothbrush. Made in Ireland, Canident contains no artificial chemicals, additives or preservatives.

2g scoop included. One scoop per 10kg of body weight.

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Product Description

Canident is natural organic seaweed , sustainably harvested from the Atlantic, sourced & recommended by  Dr Conor Brady it contains no chemicals or preservatives.

Canident fights Gum Disease in Dogs…

Foul teeth and gum disease (known as gingivitis, from the latin it is meaning disease or itis of the gums or ginga), is a painful and debilitating disease in dogs. The bacteria in the mouth smell bad, hence the bad breath (known as halitosis, it is essentially bacteria farts). Bad breath is often the first sign that all is not well in the mouth (and possibly gut). Sadly gum disease in dogs is the most frequent clinical problem in small animal practice today, affecting 90% of dogs today by the age of three years. Treatment often requires anaesthesia and sometimes surgery.

How Is Gum Disease in Dogs Dangerous?

It arises from a build up of plaque that, when left unattended, forms a tough layer of yellow tartar beside the blood rich gum line. Bacteria now have easy access to the blood-highway. This is bad news. This means the immune system is in a constant state of arousal, defending itself from invaders, drawing daily on the bodies resources leaving the patient more vulnerable to disease. Worse still it has a knock-on effect on other organs too.



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