A prebiotic seaweed blend promoting gut health in dogs…


BioFunction8 is a seaweed based feed supplement for dogs. It is a specially selected blend of 8 seaweeds from around the world, chosen for their anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. This product is used as a pre-biotic, due to its dietary fibres, and promotes gut health.

Product Description

Biofunction8. A powerful daily supplement for your pet. BF8 is used as a pre and probiotic for dogs. By promoting the growth of good bacteria via plant fibres together with a range of bioactive compounds unique to these seaweeds BF8 will improve both your dogs gut health and micro flora balance, and a happy gut means better nutrient absorption, better immunity, better neuro-transmission and better detoxification. We view it as on steroids! Biofunction8 is a mix of eight of the most effective red, green and brown seaweeds on the planet. It is intended as a daily nutritional supplement for dogs and cats. Biofunction8 is going to have a range of benefits to your dog including better health, stronger immunity, reduced inflammation, better vitality, better skin and coat.


Additional Information

Weight150 g