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Pancreatitis comes in two forms, acute & chronic, Chronic will happen over time damaging the pancreas, sometimes causing other health problems. Acute can be caused by medication or an illness and be a one off occurrence. The Pancreas secretes enzymes that are needed to digest food.

Underlying related issues may also be present and will hopefully be tested for.
It used to be common practice to withhold food for 48 hours in an attack, but this has been found to cause leaky gut and sepsis leading to possible multi organ failure. Dogs are mostly unwilling to eat during an attack & IV nutrition can be provided at a vets or the vet will advise on how best to deal with this. When you do feed, very small meals often is better than 2 meals a day.

Low fat diets are often reported to help Pancreatitis, it helps it to recover as high fat can be stimulating to the pancreas. Biologically appropriate raw or home cooked diets have been used by many holistic vets for Pancreatitis.
Diabetes is linked to Pancreatitis so it may be worth watching the sugar content of any veg or fruit fed and feed smaller meals more frequently. (Please don’t let that stop you feeding veg but just be mindful)

Supplements used for Pancreatitis: (Dependent on the individuals needs)

Function8, a blend of 8 powerful pre and probiotic seaweeds
Digestive enzymes
Fish oils such as Krill or Salmon oils
Good quality dog multi vitamin with B & C vits such as..Pet Plus (Provides digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, Pre & Probiotics)
Those natural Prebiotic sources are a great additive, foods such as garlic, asparagus,green leafy veg (blended well to break down the cellulose), berries, maybe even a little banana.
Slippery Elm

Feeling better, what to eat?
Low fat proteins such as Chicken, Turkey, eggs, rabbit and fish raw or home-cooked. Remove fat and skin. (Do not feed low protein) 50% 25% Low GL veg such as squashes, cabbage, spinach. Sweet potato is also OK long as not more than 25% of diet (classed as a starchy food)

My own dog Tilly followed a similar protocol years ago alongside Homeopathy prescribed by the holistic vet Christopher Day. Tilly had a very bad case over a two year period and was on a whole host of medication for her Chronic Pancreatitis. A year into treatment, a lot of green tripe consumed, with the food change from kibble to raw and monitoring she was off all her medication with no further bouts in her very long life. (She also escaped having an anal gland removal after the diet change)

A quick fix is unlikely, you will need a helping hand & be guided but a good vet but give the body the right tools and it can certainly heal itself.
Highly recommend finding a good holistic vet, it may mean a trip but it will be worth it for the long-term health of your pet.

Tilly is no longer with us but had a very long & happy life, she was my teacher and spurred me go on to study,she helped give me the passion I have in canine health & nutrition. The learning continues every day, we never know it all.

We do not diagnose or treat. Please consult your vet with any health issues (hopefully a holistic one)

Healing wishes.
Tami McFadden BCCSDIP.Hth.Nut

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