I got Worms!

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(Ok so I stole the title from a film!)

Food first & foremost

Pumpkin seeds: I add these nutrient protein packed beauties to the dog’s food a few times a week crushed. Among others they contain manganese, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, folic acid, iron as well as Omega 3&6.   For worms they contain Curcurbitin, an amino acid that helps paralyze and expel them from the gut (Among the many other plants that contain Curcburitin are the seeds of cucumber, some melons, squashes,) Dosage is roughly quarter of teaspoon per 10lbs of weight.

The Organic Herbal blends from Holistic hounds mean I can use the seasonal mixes and in theory keep the immune system on its toes, they also include gentle herbs such as Chamomile and Milk Thistle dependent on the blend to help support the system but help with expelling parasites gently.

Foods such as Garlic, Papaya, grated raw carrots, fennel, green, and other orange vegetables also play a part in making the intestines not so attractive for worms, dried coconut can be used as well for tapeworms but my two generally eat the flesh from a coconut in spring and summer picking it out of the shell themselves is a lot of fun.


Other helpers

I used Vermex for a while but the ingredients didn’t sit well with one of my dogs so switched back to Four Seasons, this I had used on my first dog many years ago at the recommendation of a holistic vet, it’s once a month and  suits both my two just fine. The ingredients are Tincture prepared using Organic Cider Vinegar, Herbs of Hibiscus, Thyme, Ginger root, cloves and natural salts & Homeopathic Filix Mas, Cima, Ferrum-met, Sulphur, Abrotanium & Teucrium-mur.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is used by many, I stopped feeding as feel it’s to drying on the gut & a dry gut is not a happy place! I would use it on bedding, carpets in a well ventilated room if need in the home to kill off any flea eggs though but with the animals and humans outside for a while.

This is how worming has been for my pets over the last twenty years; I use wormcount.com or a similar service to check the worm burden roughly 3 to 4 times a year. (Some vets will check for you)

So in short, a fresh food diet with foods fit for the function needed, Four Seasons once a month, Herbal seasonal blends and Wormcount to check the burden.

If you do have to treat chemically for worms ensure the gut flora is restored to the happy bacteria afterwards by feeding prebiotics such as garlic, banana, chicory root, asparagus, green & fermented veg etc and give a probiotic such as kefir or/and Function 8 seaweed blend.(These are what we use, you may have favourites.

IF the dog has worms please treat accordingly and don’t depend on a few pumpkin & cucumber seeds, sometimes chemical wormers may be needed and a heavy worm burden is not something to be overlooked. Always check the burden and treat if needed. We aren’t against worming, just overworming!


Happy worm-counts for us all.



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