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Just over 2 years ago, Mr Slobberchops started with Katie Bristow & me. We offered one natural first aid kit & grew the product range organically, testing on our dogs and ourselves as we went along, lots of lessons learnt along the way. I had a vision at the start and it has been wonderful to watch it unfold as time has gone on with the help of the lovely customers and those who have taught me along the way, those two, three and four legged!

Tilly my first dog as an adult was my biggest teacher, she had many severe health issues and led me into all things natural looking for other ways to help her, and I continue to learn on a daily basis.

Katie left Mr Slobberchops in April to pursue new adventures and it’s been full steam ahead since then with lots of new products, new logo and here we are today with a shiny new website thanks to Mel of Creativesole….. Mel came to me about her handsome dog Reg (Pictured) who was at the time hospitalised, some help with diet from me and a visit to Mark Elliot & Associates and he is a much happier boy & very much enjoying life. How lovely is it that we meet the right people at the right time?

Therefore, what is in store…? Well, integrated vets, raw feed suppliers and other interesting folk will be guest-writing articles, keep an eye out.

I am always researching for quality products, a few on the list are: Quercetin, Milk Thistle, Hawthorn Tincture, Flower remedies, natural recycled toys, customised blends but yell if there are things you think would fit right in the Slob family, I am always open to suggestions. Research takes time as skimping on quality is not an option, if I won’t give it to my dogs it doesn’t make it into the store, there will be no genetically modified products creeping in or poor quality dusty herbs at Slob HQ, no sir!

For now, I am off to search the lands for all things wholesome whilst being guided by my quality control & taste testers extraordinaire- Miss Cooper & Master Tucker, our four legged family.

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  • Janette Owen

    Tami, there are now certain things that I have to have in my first aid kit, and that is thanks to you. May Slobberchops continue to grow

    • SlobberHQ

      That’s lovely, thank you Janette

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