For the love of green clay

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For the last few months we have been using green clay instead of Thornit.
A friend using clay on a dog with extremely mucky ears has since reported the clay wins hands down over Thornit. I prefer the smell for one thing but it has also worked better, quicker than Thornit for us. I give a light dusting around the ear canal (Not in it) a pinch is all that’s needed on clean dry ears. (I clean either with a little diluted Apple Cider vinegar if yeasty or Colloidal Silver) So far I have been using once a week for a few weeks and now once a month or just when needed.
Because of the clay’s healing properties it can be a valuable tool for many problems.
Green clay helps bacterial and fungal infections as I myself recently found out. Had I known the rapid soothing relief it would give I would had applied it sooner to a rather nasty infection I had on a scar after being poorly, as it was in 24 hours all was calm again.
On wounds it dries and provides a protective barrier to flies and other beasties. Exto-parasites really do not like it.
Being rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, aluminum, silicon, copper,selenium, cobalt, molybdenum and trace elements, if a dog wants to eat the clay when offered, do let them. Green clay has even been effective against malaria!
Clay can provide instant relief to a hot, damp, itchy dog (or person as I found out!) so helpful not only for the itch but for yeasty dogs.
Can also be used against fleas should you be so unlucky.
Give it a try to dogs that paw and eat dirt, they may like it.
Cut paws and pads are easily treated by a dusting with clay.
Clay absorbs toxins so nothing more suited to wounds or certain ear problems.
Gracie & Mateau from Spain
Recently we sent some clay over to Archez, a small village in southern Spain.  Gracie had rescued Mateau, who had open wounds that refused to heal with anything the vet had given. Upon using the clay Gracie is so pleased with the results in such a short space of time that we are sending over more clay so she has some in stock, it’s the first thing to have worked. I think you agree the photo’s of the lovely Mateau are very telling.
So yes we have totally fallen in love with green clay, it has now become another staple to our medicine chest of goodness. I may even try some on my face before bed tonight, lets just see….

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