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Ticks, Fleas & more Ticks…….

There has been SO much talk and worry about these blighters of late. Having lived in a tropical climate myself I know how tricky they can be but that they also behave completely differently on a dog that is super healthy with a strong immune system & not as many stick around as long if they jump on at all. We like mixing things up, not using the same things all the time.

Here is our tick & flea protocol & what works for us, we spend lots of time mixing with others (some of which have beastie visitors!) in the forest, on the beach (Alabama Rot,palm oil, fishing lines, there is no escaping the threats) sometimes mine will spend hours out in the forest if we are with the pony so we get around lots with our 3 dogs between Katie & I.
Step one..(Probably the most important step of all)
Natural feeding, no processed species appropriate food, balanced and with any supplements needed for each dog as an individual should they be needed at all, we feed raw personally.
Feeding extruded processed foods day in day out will have an effect on health just as it would for us eating takeaways every day.
Garlic spring and summer in the food, half a small clove for every ten pounds of bodyweight, if unsure always go just under rather than over.
Natural herbal mix that the creepy crawlies detest. You may have heard of another well known herbal flea and tick mix? we use a different one, ‘Nature’s Bounty’ from Holistic Hounds is all organic of the highest quality and approved by a veterinarian. Nature’s Bounty really packs an all singing all dancing organic punch to those beasties we all love to hate.
I used to use DE, (Diatomaceous earth) but have started using the green clay instead this year as it’s a little softer on the system. I offer and let the dogs self select just a little, if they don’t eat it then I leave it out but it can also be added to Neem and Yarrow for a homemade flea powder.
Exner or Biospotix spray (whichever you have) used before the forest walk or if there is actual fleas.
An essential oil mix like our Don’t Bug Me used instead of Exner to change things around.
Amber collars are worn from around February until October or as needed.
Exner is safe for cats but Don’t Bug me isn’t. Please check on the bottles and check safety requirements.
That’s all we use, of the 3 dogs no fleas ever & 5 ticks between us on 3 dogs in 7 years. For me no fleas in 20 years with dogs and 2 ticks on the dog before my current ones in 18 years. Strong immune system, natural arsenal of goodies that you can swap and get the system thinking and working will hopefully mean no chemicals are needed.
DE & Salt can be used in the home on bedding etc taking care not to get the dust in any people or dogs airways, leave for a few hours and hoover later.
As with anything, a happy immune system will make all the difference in the war on fleas & ticks.
If all this is very new to you and you would like to find out more please join us on FB…https://www.facebook.com/groups/372425366239707/
Or email us on mrslobberchops@gmail.com

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