Bone broth for all!

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Put the SLOBBER in your dogs CHOPS with a portion of BONE BROTH. Really easy to make at home and great for you & your dog’s health , it helps the liver detox, promotes a healthy gut and is great nutrition for sick dogs. Really easy to make. Include some joint bones for the natural glucosamine, chicken feet are full of it!, pigs trotters, marrow bones, whatever you have to create that wonderful gelatin & nutrient rich yumminess.
Cover the bones with a good few inches of water and be sure to add an acidic acid to draw the minerals out of the bones while cooking , we like Apple cider vinegar with the Mother in (About 2-4 tablespoons in a large saucepan) but a lemon is also good.
There is no magic cooking time but we recommend about 24 hours on a low heat or slow cooker but do not leave cooker on attended for safety reasons.
Optional extra’s we love to add: Garlic, Chaga mushrooms, (Or other medicinal mushrooms) Holistic hounds herbal blends, veg & extra Gelatin from grass fed cows. (I am a little bit in love with Gelatin from Great Lakes)
Once cooked remove bones and allow to cool.
When cool skim off the top layer of fat and decant to store.Ice cube trays make for great storage for the freezer, just pop out one a few times a week or as needed …..ENJOY !

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