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Mostly found sniffing around trees and bushes, life is too short to spend it on the sofa….

I got Worms!

(Ok so I stole the title from a film!) Food first & foremost Pumpkin seeds: I add these nutrient protein packed beauties to the dog’s food a few times a week crushed. Among others they [...]

From small seeds

Just over 2 years ago, Mr Slobberchops started with Katie Bristow & me. We offered one natural first aid kit & grew the product range organically, testing on our dogs and ourselves as we [...]

Bone broth for all!

Put the SLOBBER in your dogs CHOPS with a portion of BONE BROTH. Really easy to make at home and great for you & your dog’s health , it helps the liver detox, promotes a healthy gut and [...]

Grooming Sprays, WHAT?

Perfume makes me sneeze & never have liked those strong almost plastic smells that are used in some grooming sprays when I trained as a groomer many moons ago. I guess it’s a lot like [...]


Pancreatitis comes in two forms, acute & chronic, Chronic will happen over time damaging the pancreas, sometimes causing other health problems. Acute can be caused by medication or an illness [...]

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