“We have made it our mission to research & source the best natural products available on the market..”

Tami McFadden – Founder of Mr Slobberchops

About us..

At Mr Slobberchops our animals are much loved members of the family, we want them to live as long and as healthy lives as possible, without compromise. We decided to make it our mission to source the very best natural products on the market. All are researched thoroughly for quality, the carbon footprint is kept as low as possible and we refuse any genetically modified grown goods going organic wherever possible.

Canine nutrition & all things natural have been my driving passion for the last two decades after a meeting with a vet and a very poorly pup. Over the last 20 years I have taken many workshops, nutrition courses, (human & canine) & continue to learn as the world and it’s bounty changes around us.

My own dogs, Cooper, Tucker and Tilly have willingly road tested our remedies over the years and have benefited from all the products we believe in. If we haven’t tried an item have any doubts it does not make it into the shop. Many of the products can be used for humans as well as animals, we love to share here at Slob HQ!

Join us on our journey to better vitality at Mr Slobberchops.

Happy, healthy wishes to pets & their people.