Hypoallergenic pet foods

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 There are lots of Hypoallergenic pet foods around, are all dogs allergic to the same things?. Unless there are a gazillion different types how can they be Hypoallergenic? some may help for a period of time but allergies can also change.
‘Hypoallergenic’ is a marketing word and nothing more. If I were to make nut free fruit bars for somebody with a nut allergy they could still be fatal to somebody who was allergic to apricots or figs, no food will be truly hypoallergenic to all, it’s impossible.
A holistic vet once said to me that if you remove the offending allergy cause another will appear in time in it’s place, until you go to the root of the problem allergies will continue.
Where is the root? that Immune system will hold the key. Since 70 to 90% of the immune health comes from the gut diet is the very first place to start, a poor quality diet will lead to all-sorts over time as it depletes the immune system, add to that a high chemical exposure and you have a dog with illness and allergies to boot.
Things such as the following are not normal :
Re-current ear infections
Paw chewing/licking
Frequent upset tums
Itchy coat
Yeast issues that are stubborn
Dry, greasy, itchy & dull coatWorking with Mr Hardy the beautiful soul in the picture above has been a challenge. Hardy has more than a few serious health problems and is allergic it seems to many things, his diet is constantly changing as he improves and seems able to absorb nutrients better and deal with them more effectively. It’s important to watch for changes and know that one allergy may change, vanish altogether or get worse and multiply, would there be a pet-food to cover that? If you know of one please do tell.
Obviously we promote a species appropriate fresh food diet at Mr Slobberchops as this has worked well for our many dogs over the years but if it really isn’t something you feel you can feed look for good quality ingredients, the main culprits to keep clear of are Corn/Maize, rice , wheat, soy,beet pulp. (But there are lots more depending on each case) The way a food is made makes a HUGE difference, foods cooked in high heats can become unrecognizable once eaten so make digestion extremely hard work.  Lots of the grain free foods can be just as bad as the grain ones depending on ingredients. If you don’t, won’t, cannot feed raw or cook fresh with ingredients, choose food wisely, look for a food that is cold pressed or freeze dried and add table scraps as appropriate.

There is a wealth of information out there today about dog food, how to keep it, and what to run away screaming from, do some homework but better still, feed fresh!
Since the immune system in pretty much born in the gut make it a happy place, feed pre & probiotics, ferment veggies, make Kefir and share it with all the family, two legged and four, you will be repaid in better health.
Hypoallergenic dog food, hmm is there such a thing?
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